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In fact, the Chairman had never come to Vietnam to deal with the problems. The process of socialization involves precisely the process of internalizing social norms. In this case, Thivai River seems to be the most miserable victim with 40 km got highly polluted included 10 km length of total 76 km river was dead Thesaigontimes, The loss of livelihoods of those who sold their lands.

The second criticism is the lack of strict sanction. Complete baseline socio-economic surveys to understand who will be affected.

Up to now, the company has used the money to improve the river as well as the nearby living condition, to pay pollution tax and other fined fees due to their irresponsibility. RecommendationsVedan ta oVedrPut in place policies and process to ensure that all affected individuals have timely access to full information about projects that may affect them.

Instances of Vedantas unauthorised encroachment on to private farmland. The business which has a weak social responsibility can not keep their market share. Misusing the concept of sustainable development to ignore human rights abuses.

And that happens through social interaction.

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Our Recommendations ReferencesAbout VedantaA global diversified metals and mining company Founded by Anil Aggarwal in Mumbai in Is the largest mining and Vedan business ethics metals company in India Also has mining operations in Australia and Zambia Main Products are copper, zinc, aluminium, lead and iron ore Subsidiaries: Some environmental specialists predicted that up toThivai River will become dead.

To study the ethical issues, their impact and analyze them with the Business Ethics theories learnt in class. Adopt leading international industry for managing the environmental impacts of bauxite mining and alumina refining.

Unauthorized encroachment on private farmland Misusing the concept of sustainable development to ignore human rights abuses Catastrophic risks posed by the refinerys red mud ponds highly toxic alkaline chemicals and heavy metals including radioactive elements not addressed.

Their initial discovery as follows. However, the pollution had become more and more serious, destroying farmland nearby the river and pushing farmers to the edge of bankruptcy. Inafter negotiation, the company agreed to pay the farmers a compensation of VND 15 billion.

Vedan Essay - Part 2

Skillen in Report Public Justice pointed out: The loss of livelihoods of those who sold their lands for the refinery 4. And the increase in unemployment rate will lead to rising in crime and poverty.

Nevertheless, Vedan case was a typical example proving that consumers have raised their 18 The Dark Side of Development in Vietnam: Alternatively, they come to believe that being perceived as environmentally-progressive will win them customers, and increase profits that way.

Violation of the Forest Rights Act, FRAunder which the claims of Dongria Kondh and other marginalized communities over their traditional forest lands and habitats in the Niyamgiri hills not being recognized.

Was it enough for what the people living in that affected area had to suffer for such a long time? The amount of waste water he discharge into Thivai River in 14 years as well as his sophisticated actions of covering the truth over the public and the government are the main reason which directly affect to environment and the local people.

Violation of the right to participation in decision-making on projects affecting their community and traditional lands. Violation of the right to participation in decisionmaking on projects affecting their community and traditional lands 4.

Vedan Essay - Part 2

In Vedan case, the local authorities failed to supervise compliance of corporations operating in the area. It is generally believed that consumers in poor countries have limited bargaining power with large producers. Consequently, water, soil and air in the surrounding area had been severely contaminated by toxic chemicals with the level hundreds of times exceeding acceptable standards.

They cannot participate in decision making about the future of a facility which will potentially have profound impact on their life. What Vedanta has done so far? Ensure that any displacement or land loss is fully compensated, regardless of formal land ownership.

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The firm should keep anticipating in cleaning and clearing all the waste still floating in the river. Guideline 10 for Government and Citizenship. It paid the fine and accrued fee between andinvested approximately in upgrading the existing treatment system, installing new modern equipment and adding recycling facilities.VEDAN company Introduction In all means of communication media, business ethic is always a hot topic as it reflects the attitude of a business toward any public issues, especially matters related to environment and the damage to human’s life can collect the most concerns from public opinion.

business ethics organizational ethics group 3 thank you for your listening!!! happy lunar new year:)))) review questions team exercises 1 team exercise 3. What is good, what is bad, which is right, which is wrong are the main concerns of business ethics.

Saying in another way, business ethics is ‘being able to look at your face in the mirror’ (Drucker, ). wage. Vedan must pay a lot for shareholders and installation of machinery to improve the environment.

⇨ In the case, Vedan's factory contaminating residential. Jewish Business ethics ii - Business Ethics 1 Ethics Jewish Business ethics Business Ethics 1: Defining ethics and business ethics Influences and approaches to business ethics Business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Download Citation on ResearchGate | CSR Lessons from Vedan Deeds | Corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy functions as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby business monitors and.

Vedan business ethics
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